UAE Moves Weekend Days to Saturday-Sunday

The United Arab Emirates, wishing to align with the rest of the world, will switch the weekend from Saturday to Sunday at the initiative of the government from January 1, 2022.

The government has said it will adopt a 4.5-day work week for the public sector, Friday - the holy day of the Islamic religion - will be a half day.

The weekend will be adopted on Saturday and Sunday from January 1

The education ministry also announced that there will be a definite impact on the number of school days in the UAE and the private sector should follow these new regulations.

The United Arab Emirates as well as the other Gulf countries, including Saudi Arabia, currently have a Sunday-Thursday working week. There were no further details on how the plan will affect the country's private sector.

The announcement stated that the move will increase the number of days that business is done with the rest of the world, that it will boost trade.

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