Dubai real estate transactions hit record highs

In the first 11 months of 2021, Dubai's real estate sector recorded 55,651 real estate transactions with a total value of AED135.4 billion.

This value is 88.39% higher than that of 2020 (for the whole year) and already represents the highest annual turnover since 2014.

Note that November was the second consecutive month in which real estate transactions reached their highest level for 8 years. If we look at all transactions, the total value of these increased by 36.9% between October and November 2021. Their volume increased by 30.8% over the same period. On the other hand, compared to November 2020, the gap is even greater: the value of transactions is up 138.8% against an increase of 80.4% for their volumes. Obviously, the organization of Expo 2020 in the Emirate has a very positive impact on the market which continues to attract more investors.

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